What is RomShelf?

RomShelf is a straight forward emulator front end.

Core features:

  • OpenGL hardware acceleration
  • Easily handles large rom sets
  • Support for multiple systems (system logos included)
  • Automatically selects best rom among duplicates (overdumps, different regions, etc)
  • Automatically ignores non-playable roms (test cartridges, etc)
  • Automatically ignores shitty roms (mahjong, video poker, trivia, etc)
  • Vast screenshot library included
  • Marks which games have been played
  • Rate each game as you play it
  • Screen saver
  • Free for non commercial use

Version 2 Released 2011-12-30 01:18:19 (permalink)

RomShelf Version 2 released. I believe emulator configuration is not compatible between versions, which I appologize for. Hopefully I will not have to break compatibilty again in the future.

  • Game lists and system config now stored in sqlite database - faster and more reliable
  • Automatically opening rating dialog now optional
  • Broken/Played/Rating display in game list now optional
  • N64 screenshots added
  • Model 2 system/screenshots added
  • XML data from mame exe now parsed to remove clones, non working games
  • Custom mame clone list to remove unlisted clones
  • Options to remove mame games that require custom controls (lightgun, dial, keyboard, etc)